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The following study corresponds to the largest and most complete of a series of studies begun in 1974 on the Foundations of Dynamics1. It was published for the first time and with the same title in 1985. Now it has been reprinted, with the opportune corrections and additions, in the light of the most up-to-date theoretical and experimental investigation. The first chapter, and the section which deals with the foundations, contain a summary of the ideas expounded in more detail and at greater length in earlier investigations, in which at first by intuition and later more systematically, a metaphysical criticism was made of the «Newtonian Principles» of Classical Dynamics (CD)2. These led us to formulate the Fundamental Laws which form the basis of a New Dynamics (ND) of which the former is is a particular and restricted case. Problems of high velocities, which correspond to the Special Theory of Relativity (STR), are not tackled, and neither are those pertaining to Quantum Dynamics.
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