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A series of experimental tests appears here, done or observed during the years of the elaboration of a NEW DINAMICS (ND) OF
IRREVERSIBLE MECHANICAL SYSTEMS. that begins in 1975. Some are already old but its explanation has only been possible when it was elaborated the theory of this ND, around 1995. At the same time the aspect physical-mathematical needed the experimental observation to save the inevitable stumbling blocks and errors. Thus the reader will be able to judge, with better knowledge of cause, as much the theoretical findings and exhibitions, like the experimental tests.
Everything began with a Metaphysical work, published in the Philosophical Yearbook of the University of Navarre, in 1976, that allowed to see that CLASSICAL DYNAMICS (CD) was not only insufficient in the relativistic, quantum, thermodynamic, electromagnetic, expositions, etc.; but also in low speeds; as it is the case (mentioning some of the tests: the flight of the insects, the «bumming–bird», or the «disc of Faraday».
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