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This study was published for the first time in Vol. IX of the PHILOSOPHICAL YEARBOOK for 19761. After 17 years we thought opportune to revise it at the light of more recent theoretical and experimental discoveries to improve some obscure points and others that were inadequately or even erroneously expounded. The cosmologicalphilosophical aspects are practically unchanged, but the physicalmathematical developments have been substantially modified, because initially we had only surmised the formulation of the foundations of a New Dynamics (ND), of which the Classic or Newtonian (CD) should be a particular and restricted case. We have not suspected its subsequent mathematical development. We have replaced the unsatisfactory formulations by a more elaborated ones which are, in our opinion, accurate and coherent with the starting points. Nevertheless, the conclusion remains basically the same. As we will expound later, the more important result of this ND is the dynamical irreversibility of a material point trajectory. The CHAOS presence in the dynamical world, developed in Chapter V, is an immediate consequence.
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